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Our coffee is grown on the 5,000 foot slopes of the high volcanoes that surround Lake Atitlan, an area often called 'the heart of the Mayan empire.' It is produced by indigenous Tzutzuil peoples from Santiago Atitlan and San Juan La Laguna (and they don't take American Express!)

These people have maintained their culture and traditional dress in spite of centuries of political and social pressure to assimilate, and they have paid a high price for their beliefs. The farmers are very conscious of the importance of shade as an ecological niche for migratory songbirds, for the health of the soil, and for the additional sustenance the hardwoods and fruit trees provide their families.

I have worked on behalf of indigenous political parties as an International Election Observer during very dangerous times, and for many years as International Project Director for Coffee Kids to bring women's microcredit and health promotion projects to the communities.

The coffee is a small dark green bean that is SHB (strictly hard bean), fully washed and sun-dried. It is medium body, acidic with a smoky flavor. We use Guatemalan in our BirdWatcher's Blend (medium) and Rattlesnake Brew (light/dark).

Useful Expressions

'Utsa Quesh' - Hello! (in Tzutzuil)

'Es peligroso nadar en el lago?' - Is it dangerous to swim in the lake?

Products from Guatemala

Guatemalan French Roast
A dark roasted bean from the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. This coffee is medium bodied, acidic with a smoky flavor. more
Green Organic Espresso Smooth
Low acid, full-bodied Sumatran and Java, with a pinch of Guatemalan for slight tartness makes a very smooth espresso. Don't char it! more
Organic Green Guatemalan Coffee
Small, dark green beans, strictly hard bean, fully washed. Smokey flavor and slightly acidic. This is a very versatile bean. To me it is equally good in dark or medium roasts, so experiment and enjoy the different qualities. more
Rattlesnake Gutter Brew
A hearty, yet compassionate cup, combining Peruvian (sweetness), Guatemalan (smoky) with Italian Espresso Roast (for a little bite!). more
Thunder Mug
Our secret, booming brew of Timor in Velvet with Guatemalan French and Timor Robusta French. Full-bodied, big taste and a bang! more
Birdwatchers Blend
A smooth and nutty blend of Guatemalan Atitlan and Mexican Chiapas coffees from shade-grown farms; giving great taste while protecting critical migratory songbird habitat. more



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