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We took a chance on Pangoa, a small coop of about five hundred members on the Amazonian slopes of Central Peru back in 2003, being their first Fair Trade buyer. Since that time, the popularity of this sweet, soft bean so well prepared by the Ashaninkas indigenous farmers and their associates at around 5,000 feet, has made this one of the most in demand organic Fair Trade coffees out there. Congratulations, Pangoa! We continue to enjoy the best of their crop in return for our long-term commitment. Also, the coop has used our premiums, including our profit sharing program, to create a women's loan fund, a wonderful reforestation project, a honey project for income diversification, and more!

We have also created a unique project with Pangoa - NoCO2, the world's first carbon neutral coffee. Fight Global Warming one cup at a time with this great coffee. We have calculated the total carbon load created from the farm to your cup, and have committed to planting hardwood trees in Pangoa to fully offset the carbon generated by each pound you buy.

The beans are well-prepared with a good bean size, and in the cup it is well-bodied with good acidity and a sweet flavor. We use this coffee for flavoring (as a soft bean, it takes flavors easily and smoothly), and in our Uprising! Breakfast Blend, Rattlesnake Brew, and Arctic Sunrise.

Useful Expressions

'Este cafà es muy dulce' - This coffee is very sweet.

'Pienso que estoy en el colectivo incorrecto' - I think I'm on the wrong bus.

Products from Peru

French Vanilla Kiss
A breathlessly smooth blending of all-natural vanilla flavor and medium roasted organic Central American beans. more
Hazelnut Dream
Mellow organic Central American beans topped with a rich all-natural hazelnut essence. more
Arctic Sunrise
The only coffee hearty enough to travel with the annual Greenpeace Arctic Expedition. A flavorful blend of Uprising and Ring of Fire. more
Rattlesnake Gutter Brew
A hearty, yet compassionate cup, combining Peruvian (sweetness), Guatemalan (smoky) with Italian Espresso Roast (for a little bite!). more
No CO2
The world's first carbon neutral coffee! A sweet velvet roasted bean from Peru. We've calculated the entire carbon load from planting to drinking, and neutralized it with hardwood plantings at Pangoa. more
A sweet and smooth cup, from the Oro Verde Cooperative in the Andean highlands of northern Peru. cupping notes
Rise up singing with this soft and smooth blend of Honduran(hearty), Peruvian (sweet), and Nicaraguan (bold and dry). more

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