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Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy

Biodiesel and caffeine.We know it. We’re a pretty wacky crew at Dean’s Beans, and one thing that makes us truly precious is our unwavering commitment to sustainable development. It all started when Dean founded the company and was looking for intelligent ways to preserve natural resources and give back to coffee communities across the globe. The mindset has ever so organically lived on, even as we’ve grown and as the opportunities to act like your status quo company abound. What we do is a reflection of our highest values, so it’s no wonder that we are 100% Fair Trade and 100% Organic. Is it surprising that we still use recyclable kraft bags for the majority of our orders, or reusable buckets for all of our deliveries, or that we’ve installed solar panels onto the Beanery’s roof? No way! We know that you keep coming back for more, in part because our coffee is fantastic, and in part because our values guide us day in and day out.

Our environmental and social initiatives are the fabric and lifeblood of our company - we refer to them as our “Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy.” The CSS is a fancy way of saying that we’re responsible, that we ask ourselves the hard questions, and that when we’re done asking the questions, we act. After all, we’re known for taking action, not for using up loads of paper to print swanky reports that you use as kindling for your woodstove. For us, managing sustainable development means assessing our social and environmental impacts up and down our supply-chain, while taking meaningful steps to reduce any negative impacts, and meaningful steps to increase the good things that we do.

A good deal of our website is dedicated to explaining what Fair Trade is, and what work we do with farming cooperatives in countries across the globe. Check out those sections of the website to learn more about how we’re socially sustainable. Read on to learn about what our environmental initiatives are!



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