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Dean's Beans asks the age-old question:


Over 20 years ago, while traveling the world in search of his elusive self, Dean was initiated into the mysteries of CHAI, the national drink of India.

Using the sacred formulas revealed to Dean, Dean's Beans® now brings this magical brew to you in convenient tea bags - so you can make it your way!

With a taste and fragrance complex and exquisite, each of our CHAI products are filled with spices said by the the sages to open you up to the dance of life:


Sends out warmth and receptivity


Opens others eyes to your inner being.

Ginger Root

Aids in attaining steadfast purpose.


The spice of compassion


Loosens your throat so you can shout "HEAR ME!"

"Best tasting chai on the market" -- Boston Globe

Sorry, no matches for Chai, probably because we're temporarily out of stock. Please visit for stock updates.



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