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Home Roasting/Green (unroasted) Coffee

Over the years, we have gotten more and more requests for green (unroasted) beans from all of those independent (and sometimes wacky) home roasters. You know who you are!

So here's a list of green beans (Arabica and Robusta) available at the present time, along with some descriptions. Feel free to order several and make your own blends (you can use some of our blends as guides). Two custom espresso blends are available, as well.

We are also offering an inexpensive and efficient little home roaster from iRoast. I take this puppy with me on the Java Trail, and you should see the farmers' eyes light up as they see their own beans being roasted for the first time! Makes for a great cup, wouldn't you agree?

DR. OZ ALERT!!  Please note that we DO NOT advise you to use our green beans for supposed health benefits! We will not grind these beans for you, nor do we recommend that you grind them in your home grinder (they are hard as rocks and may break your grinder, as well as your teeth if you try and chew them).



Decaf - Organic Green Indonesian Swiss Water
Hey, it's my favorite! Light or dark, this coffee has full body and low acidity. I like this better than Jamaican (and the farmers don't get abused). Swiss Water Process. more
Decaf - Organic Green Peru Swiss Water
We use sweet, soft Peruvian beans that decaf quickly, retaining their full flavor. In a darker roast, this bean tastes as good as a caffeinated coffee - fool your friends! more
Green Organic Espresso Smooth
Low acid, full-bodied Sumatran and Java, with a pinch of Guatemalan for slight tartness makes a very smooth espresso. Don't char it! more
Green Organic Espresso Ultra
Sumatran Robusta for crema and caffeine kick, blended with Bolivian, El Salvadoran and Timor for tangy, slightly bitter Old World flavor. A real brain fryer!  more
Green Organic Robusta
This is the power kicker to add to any darker roast for a caffeine high and a creamy finish. We only select robustas that we can actually drink straight, not the swill that the major roasters use for filler. There ... more
Organic Green Colombian
These beans from the Cordillera Central are the standard! A complex, full bodied yet smooth flavor. more
Organic Green Ethiopian Coffee
Wild, fruity Yirgacheffe and Sidamo beans that have a floral, earthy taste. Very chaffy (smokes a lot). Each batch will taste different. I have seen baboons eating these beans in Ethiopia. Share a cup today! more
Organic Green Guatemalan Coffee
Small, dark green beans, strictly hard bean, fully washed. Smokey flavor and slightly acidic. This is a very versatile bean. To me it is equally good in dark or medium roasts, so experiment and enjoy the different qualities. more
Organic Green Mexican Coffee
Large and smooth, makes for easy roasting. Mellow and sweet, slightly acidic. This is such a well-rounded cup, good for any time of the day. more
Organic Green Nicaraguan Coffee
Large hard bean with a smooth, full taste. Slightly dry, cocoa taste. Great roasted light or dark. Everybody loves this coffee and it is very easy to roast. more
Organic Green Papua New Guinea Coffee
A real wild card. Washed, but the drying leaves different coloring on the beans. Earthy and fruity. Give it a try (we prefer it dark). more
Organic Green Peruvian Coffee
A sweet, gentle coffee that works really well as a light roast. I think too much flavor gets roasted away in the darker roasts. more
Organic Green Sumatran Coffee
Hey, it's my favorite! Light or dark, this coffee has full body and low acidity. I like this better than Jamaican (and the farmers don't get abused). more
Organic Green Timor Coffee
This is a spicy, slightly acid bean. It is also a very hard, so it can really hold up in a darker roast. Scorch away! more

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