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Light/Dark Blend

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 Light/Dark Blend
Arctic Sunrise
The only coffee hearty enough to travel with the annual Greenpeace Arctic Expedition. A flavorful blend of Uprising and Ring of Fire. more
Aztec Two-Step
A delightful blend of light and dark roasted Mexican Chiapas. Smooth and nutty, with a bold finish. more
Full Moon
A hearty, howling combination of light and dark roasted South American and Timor beans, with a splash of Italian Espresso Roast.  more
Moka Sumatra
Combines the dry, rich cocoa undertones of hard bean Nicaraguan and the full body of Indonesian Sumatran and Java. Our best seller, feels like silk on your palate. Wow! more
Rattlesnake Gutter Brew
A hearty, yet compassionate cup, combining Peruvian (sweetness), Guatemalan (smoky) with Italian Espresso Roast (for a little bite!). more
Thunder Mug
Our secret, booming brew of Timor in Velvet with Guatemalan French and Timor Robusta French. Full-bodied, big taste and a bang! more



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