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Medium Roast

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 Medium Roast
Birdwatchers Blend
A smooth and nutty blend of Guatemalan Atitlan and Mexican Chiapas coffees from shade-grown farms; giving great taste while protecting critical migratory songbird habitat. more
A full-bodied, complex bean from the Cordillera Central near Cauca. The standard by which all other coffees are judged. cupping notes
Mexican Chiapas
A mellow, medium-bodied cup with pleasant acidity. A great, comfortable cup any time of day.  cupping notes
Moka Java
The smooth, syrupy taste from the island of Java and the fruity, fragrant qualities of Ethiopian combined for this classic coffee. The original European blend, still the best! more
No CO2
The world's first carbon neutral coffee! A sweet velvet roasted bean from Peru. We've calculated the entire carbon load from planting to drinking, and neutralized it with hardwood plantings at Pangoa. more
A sweet and smooth cup, from the Oro Verde Cooperative in the Andean highlands of northern Peru. cupping notes
Timor Atsabe - VELVET ROAST
A unique velvet with chocolate tones. This bold roast is a single origin coffee from the Atsabe village in East Timor. more
Rise up singing with this soft and smooth blend of Honduran(hearty), Peruvian (sweet), and Nicaraguan (bold and dry). more



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