Learn about new projects we're funding with our coop partners on the blog!

Welcome, 2022: New Year, New Project Proposals!

As 2021 came to a close, our co-op partners sent us their project proposals for the New Year. We look forward to anot...

We're a 2022 Roaster of the Year Finalist!

UPDATE, 10/20/21: Well, we didn't win.... But, this is actually one of those cases where it is truly an honor to be n...

Meet Sansha: Our Summer Food Security Associate!

We were so excited to welcome Sansha as our food security associate this summer! As you may already know, we at Dean'...

Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

Hello, my fellow coffee and ecology lovers! As I am sure most of you already know, one of the core values here at Dea...

Georgia on My Mind: A Tale from One Poll-Watcher

"I was able to observe the poll workers, the booths, the scanners that monitored and recorded the actual vote, and talk to voters after they left the voting area about any problems that they were encountering...Thanks, Georgia, for letting me bend the moral arc of the universe with you as a poll watcher during this historic election." ~Dean

"Compassionate Humanitarian" Honor in CoffeeTalk Magazine

My life in coffee has not been about the search for the perfect bean. It has been to seek justice for the farmers and the environment.

Bigger IS Better! (When it Comes to Solar Arrays, That Is)

There are some instances where the old adage “bigger is better” actually applies, and we apply it to SOLAR PANELS!

"A Serial Do-gooder"

I'm honored to have been featured in Boston Business Journal, for the latest "Partners with a Purpose" special. Here ...

Why Coffee?

Let's talk about coffee. You might already know we use coffee as a vehicle for positive change. But why coffee? Why not milk or flour or, I don't know, bales of hay? Well, because coffee is a truly efficient crop! We're able to reach the most amount of people the most directly when we work through the coffee supply chain.

A Statement of Solidarity

Dean’s Beans stands in solidarity with our fellow Americans calling for justice for the deaths of George Floyd, Breo...

The Origin Story of Dean's Beans: Doing Business as an Expression of Progressive Values

This blog was originally posted by Dean in April of 1998! Yet, much of it still rings true today, 22 years later. It is a rich account of the origin of Dean's Beans, and a deeper understanding into what drives Dean as a pioneering social entrepreneur. Read on!

Puddles of Chocolate

It's that time of year again, Java Drops and Chocolate Discs are arriving in globs to woeful recipients. So...we are no longer going to be shipping our melty chocolate due to summer weather. 
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